• Flagship store NOW OPEN!
    Flagship store NOW OPEN!

Revisions Design Studio offers unique designs in ceramics, antique silver jewelry, and upcycled lighting fixtures. Everything is handmade and one-of-a-kind!  Our studio specializes in fusion between the ancient art of porcelain use the materials of our recent past.  We take antique items with a rich history of their own and give them a second life as a brand new product with an entirely different purpose.  When people look at our products, we want them to say, “Wow, that’s beautiful.  I’ve never seen that before.  How did they make that?”

Why should you be interested in shopping at Revisions Design Studio?  Our products are functional, unique, and beautiful, but most of all, our products catch people’s attention!  Whether you are wearing our antique silver jewelry, featuring one of our ceramic pieces on your dinner table, or even basking in the glow of one our upcycled lighting fixtures, your guests and/or clientele will definitely leave with an unforgettable impression.

We hope you’ll have a moment to check out all of our product offerings or take a moment to browse our ETSY shops. We also offer wholesale for those shops and boutiques looking to offer something handmade!